Made in Basque Country.

Abarkagilea makes Basque leathered shoes.  Martin Sukia is one of the few Abarkagile who exist in the Basque Country. His work place is located in Deba, on a street called San Roke, where he also exhibits most of his production.

Until the middle of the 20th century, Cantabrian shepherds and farmers used these shoes every day, most suited to the slopes and hills, especially for rainy and snowy weather.

The improvement in technology has led to the development of the leather shoes “abarkak”, which has evolved considerably, compared to the processes that the old manufacturers followed.

From Deba to the world

Although requests for these products, especially come from the Basque Country, Martin’s work have been ordered from places such as Paris, Boise, Idaho, and San Francisco, in the US.

"Abarka" Different colors

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